Squarespace 7.1 Code (150+)

150+ code for Squarespace 7.1.

You can

  • use code on Unlimited Sites (personal & client sites)
  • request new code (If you can’t find the code you need)
  • get priority support via email/forum


Site title

  • site title custom font
  • site title size (mobile)
  • site title color (mobile)
  • remove site title
  • disable site title link
  • change site title link
  • change site title text on hover
  • change site title text (one page)
  • remove outline when clicking site title


  • add tagline to right of site title
  • add tagline to under site title
  • add Tagline to udner Site title (mobile)
  • tagline custom font
  • add tagline to under logo
  • add tagline to right of logo


  • remove logo
  • change logo link
  • disable logo link
  • invert logo color
  • change logo to different image
  • show both site title – logo
  • make logo bigger
  • make logo smaller on scroll
  • change logo on scroll


  • navigation custom font
  • remove navigation
  • remove navigation certain items
  • navigation hover link color
  • navigation active link color
  • remove navigation underline
  • bold navigation active link
  • navigation dropdown opacity
  • navigation dropdown text alignment
  • mobile menu background
  • mobile menu text alignment
  • navigation background opacity (mobile)
  • different color for navigation items
  • add icons to navigation items
  • multiple buttons on navigation
  • change navigation color on scroll

Other Elements (Burger, social icons, cart icon, butotn..)

  • header background color
  • header background image
  • remove header
  • sticky header on scroll (CSS)
  • change header background on scroll
  • force mobile menu on desktop
  • make burger icon bold
  • burger menu size (width)
  • burger menu color
  • different color for burger lines
  • change burger to word “Menu”
  • change burger to custom icon
  • remove burger menu
  • social icons color
  • social icons hover color
  • cart icon color
  • cart icon hover color


  • footer background color
  • footer background image
  • remove footer
  • remove footer link underline

Porftolio List Page

  • portfolio title custom font
  • portfolio title size (mobile)
  • reduce portfolio item padding
  • reduce portfolio item padding (only mobile)
  • 2 portfolio items/row (mobile)
  • portfolio title to above image
  • show portfolio title on image hover
  • show portfolio like as overlay
  • make portfolio image bigger on hover
  • portfolio title alignment

Portfolio Detail Page

  • remove portfolio pagination at bottom
  • portfolio pagination custom font
  • change portfolio “pre/next” text

Blog List

  • blog list background color
  • blog list background image
  • align blog list info (mobile)
  • remove post date
  • remove read more underline
  • remove read more
  • read more custom font
  • turn read more to button
  • box around post items
  • post list date custom font
  • post list title custom font
  • post list excerpt custom font
  • change post image opacity on hover
  • make post image bigger on hover
  • post date circle overlap image

Blog Single

  • blog single background color
  • blog single background image
  • blog single meta custom font
  • blog single title custom font
  • increase post content width
  • align center post meta
  • align center post title
  • remove post author box
  • remove post pagination
  • rename “previous/next”

Product List

  • product list background color
  • product list background image
  • product title, price above image
  • 2 products/row on mobile
  • product list title, price custom font
  • align product list title, price (mobile)
  • remove shop filter

Product Single

  • product single title custom font
  • product single price custom font
  • product single description custom font
  • remove shop “pre/next”
  • remove breadcrumbs
  • product single background color
  • product single background image
  • remove quantity
  • remove add to cart
  • remove pricing
  • description under price (mobile)
  • rename “quantity”
  • reduce quantity box size
  • add to cart style

Event List

  • event page background color
  • event page background image
  • box around event items
  • reduce spacing between event items
  • event date background color
  • remove event date
  • event date custom font
  • event title custom font
  • event excerpt custom font
  • remove event day

Event Single

  • event single page background color
  • event single page background image
  • remove “back to all events”
  • change “back to all events” link
  • “back to all events” custom font
  • event single date custom font
  • event single title custom font
  • event single description custom font